Actual Wedding Anniversary Lunch @ Chillies

August 16, 2009

Having know that I won’t be able to celebrate our actual wedding anniversary, we have decided to pre-celebrate it earlier. May was having a few days off from work so on the Monday week before the actual day, we spend a day at 1U walking around (so that she can shop for maternity clothes) and have lunch there.

We did managed to get a lot of things done. Firstly, she managed to get some working pants and short pants. Both of us managed to port our number over to Maxis (yeah, considering that most of our friends are using Maxis, it would be cheaper like that, plus with her as my supp line, it can save us like RM20-30/month). As for myself, I got a couple of tees from EDC. Well it’s Mega Sale, so it would be a better time to get it now then during non-sale period right?

As for our celebration, we head to Chillies. Yeah, Chillies again. Hahaha, don’t know why, we I just love Chillies’s food. Jasmin was with us as her school is closed for H1N1.


Like the previous time, Jasmin ordered the kiddy’s version of Mac & Cheese, only this time it’s a bit tastier as it’s hot.

IMG_1927 IMG_1928

I ordered their Monterey Jack Chicken while May ordered the Chicken Fajita.

IMG_1931 IMG_1930

I am sure a lot of you reading this have eaten here before and I don’t think I need any further introduction. The only thing I would like to highlight is their mash potatoes. It’s so good (cheesey and creamy) that it actually makes KFC version of it like small fry.

We are a happy customer after eating here. Hahaha!


p/s: Jasmin’s photographic skill is not bad.

Anyway, Happy 1st Anniversary to us!

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  • Reply shireen August 21, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Congratulations to u & May on !st Year Wedding Anniversary. Btw, u only posted gift from May, what did you u gvive to May?

  • Reply JD August 21, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    On the war lar….still shopping for it.

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