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A car & durian story…

August 6, 2009


The day before yesterday, just a day before I was supposed to service my car, my battery decided to go kaput. That’s less than a year where I changed the battery, how come all this battery just go off without giving me any signs? I am fortunate that it doesn’t happen when I am up at Genting. If not, I also don’t know how.

So my total damage for my car this week = RM85 + RM180 + RM105. Can get me almost half a Wii already.

Car story aside, we went to Jusco last night and bought and even pricier durian. This time I got picture to show it…tadaa


Durian Udang Merah, costs RM50 per packet but we got it at 50% off. This is the best durian that I have ever tasted my entire life! (Well for me at least coz it’s not bitter but sweet!). So if there’s any durian lover reading this, just go to Jusco supermarket about 8pm and there will be 50% off durians, all pre-pack like this and save the hassle of choosing the fruit without knowing what you will be expecting.

IMG_0279 IMG_0278

Well, if you don’t believe me on the taste, you have to trust Jasmin. She don’t like to eat durian at all and she can eat this, so it must be good.

Anyways, will be starting work tomorrow and I hope the pay is good. If not, there goes my long holiday. I will try to fund for a DSLR. Maybe the Canon 500D?

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