1st day not working, Lunch @ Imperial Garden & Fong Lye, revisit

August 1, 2009

I’ve spent my first day of staycation going back to Kepong to meet up with May’s family. It’s been a long time since both of us saw our nephew as both of us are down with illnesses that prevented us from going back last weekend. So to make up for the time lost, we went out with all of them for an early Yum Char session at Imperial Garden @ Intan Square, PJ, before heading to MidValley.

May had been talking about it the dim sum session at Imperial Garden for a while as they are having 50% off on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So she had invited her family for this yum char session right after her sister stepped back in KL.











The deco and ambience is quite good and the crowd is still manageable when we reached there about 1130am. After being seated, we were given their dim sum menu to make our selections. The choices are quite good with the ranges from the normal ‘Siu Mai’ and ‘Har Gao’ to ‘Loh Bak Gou’ and ‘Wu Kok’. Prices wise is about RM6-8 per plate. So after making our selection, managed to snap a couple of my nephew.

IMG_1876 IMG_1871 IMG_1873 IMG_1875

After a while, the orders starts to arrive. From the ‘Siu Yuk & Char Siu’ to Chee Cheong Fun to porridge to everything.

IMG_1893 IMG_1877 IMG_1878 

The ‘Wu Kok’, ‘Siu Yuk & Char Siu’ & Cheong Fun.

IMG_1879 IMG_1880 IMG_1882 

The ‘Har Gao’, Char Siew Pau & ‘Siu Mai’

IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1885 

Chicken Feet, ‘Yue Mai’ & Yong Tau Fu

IMG_1886 IMG_1887 IMG_1888

Fried Carrot Cake, Porridge & Loh Mai Kai


And last but not least, egg tarts.

Most of their dim sum tasted quite alright. While their signature dim sum is their ‘Har Gao’ & ‘Siu Mai’, I didn’t eat any as it contains prawns, something that I can’t eat at the moment, but just by looking at it, it does looks yummylicious.

The total bill comes to about RM120 after 50% discount, making the meal an affordable yum char session.

Right after lunch, we head to Midvalley to jalan-jalan as May is supposed to be getting belated birthday presents for our nephew. Well, after hours of walking, we still end up empty handed for him, while I got myself a pair of short pants. Come dinner time, we visit Fong Lye and the Gardens, a more up-class restaurant serving Taiwanese delicacies.


















This is actually my 2nd visit to Fong Lye, and during my 1st visit, I do find their spices a bit strong to my liking, but then again, that’s just me. The food is pretty interesting as it’s a Non Halal restaurant and some of their dishes consist of pork, and would also attract a healthy crowd during lunches and dinner time.

IMG_1897 IMG_1902IMG_1898










One of their most interesting things is how they serve their Oolong Tea. It’s normally in a wide, stout teapot (RM12 for 2) and you get to choose the ingredients to go with it, like Chrysanthemum, or Rose or etc. I ordered the Cold Oolong Milk Tea (RM7.90), although it’s something different, but I prefer Teh Ais more.

So after a while, our sets came.

IMG_1907 IMG_1899 IMG_1901 IMG_1904

From top left, Mee Suah with Pig’s Intestines, White Chicken Set, Hot Pot Set and Fried Chicken Noodle Set.

Compare their Mee Suah with Shih Lin, theirs is definitely more aromatic, where you can taste the spices that is used. I would say the rest of the sets are ok depending whether you like that authentic Taiwanese taste. I would say the nicest thing to eat is their sweet potato balls.


Puffy and chewy with great sweet potato taste, definitely a must try if you are there. I do noticed that a lot of other tables also ordering the same thing. The total bill came to about RM120, same amount of money, but different compare to what we ate for lunch.

Anyway, I had a tiring Wednesday walking the 2 malls and it’s only my 1st day on holiday. Another week to go.

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