My 1st Chelsea Cake

July 16, 2009


I got my 1st Chelsea cake today, courtesy of my boss. The cake looked really nice and it’s a pity that it have to end up in my stomach. Hopefully by me cutting the cake it will propel Chelsea to greater heights this year by winning the Premier League and Champions League.

The cake is not some fancy cake, just butter cake with sugar icing. Yup, all that is sugar icing and it’s really really sweet.

I just reached home from Jusco Cheras Selatan as May wanted to get me a birthday cake. Apparently the cake shop staff make a blunder when writing the wishes on the cake. I wondered how bad is it going to be. Apart from that, I bought the most expensive durian in my entire life, RM60 for 2 packet of durian, but at 50% off lar. One is the durian called ‘Jantung’ (which cost RM40 per packet) and another is called ‘Susu’ (RM20 per packet). Both tasted good with the Jantung type a bit sweet and bitter, while the Susu type tasted slightly bitter with some milky taste. I only eat 2 pieces scaring the heat.

Tomorrow is Friday, going to have Saisaki with my bunch of friends. While Saturday, being the actual day, I have booked tickets to watch Harry Potter in 1U and will have a quiet lunch with May. Come night time, might be cooking Salmon burger that all my friends don’t seem to be interested. Till then…

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