I will be on ‘Staycation’

July 11, 2009

I was reading this newspaper article today and bumped into this word called ‘Staycation’. It’s so new that even my blog writer could not recognise it and flagged it as a foreign word. I think have to give this Windows Live Writer a good few months before it starts to absorb this word.

Anyway, I will be on staycation (meaning vacation spent at home) from July 29th onwards till August 9th. Partially because May don’t feel comfortable going anywhere and it will also be a good time to spend catching up on some personal stuffs.

Yeap, don’t need to guess. I already got a job offer last week and I have tendered my resignation as well. Everything went well apart from the minor hiccup on the medical check up. Anyhow, that’s settle now and I am looking forward to a change of environment and field. It feels good knowing that I don’t have to be constantly making outbound calls anymore and addressing customer’s issues.

I have been waiting for this day for quite some time, but there will be a few things that I am going to miss. Well, I will leave that for later. Will be waking up early tomorrow to reignite my operation Fit Fit as my new job requires me to wear a necktie, and at this very moment, I can’t buttoned the button on my neck, so seriously I need to lose some weight, fast!

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