My 1st experience washing the bathroom

May 31, 2009

Yeah, you can call me a spoilt brat because I really never wash the bathroom before my entirely life, that is until yesterday. If you don’t know why, my freaky Indonesian maid has gone home on Thursday, so moving forward, we have to do our own household chores. So after waking up early and going for breakfast, we started off by by washing our clothes (hand wash that is).

The right after that, it’s cleaning our room time. We swept and moped the floor and then off to cleaning the bathroom.IMG_1482Ok, washing the toilet bowl is no easy work, I tell you. It’s so true if there are dirt sticking there and you have to use a lot of force to get the dirt off, like this.IMG_1484 And right after cleaning the toilet bowl, it’s off to the wash basin.IMG_1486 Washing the basin is a much easy work as there’s not as much dirt (shit) sticking to it, so it only took less than a minute to clean up all that. Ok, these chores are not that difficult, so I guess I can do it every Saturday, right? Hopefully I will persevere lar.

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