Mother’s Day @ Rakuzen

May 20, 2009

It’s been a long time but I will not waste any time. For Mother’s Day celebration, we booked almost one tenth of Rakuzen for their Sunday buffet lunch.


I think Rakuzen is one of the first Japanese restaurant that have an ala-carte buffet style in Klang Valley. And the food is quite nice compare to a few other places. But this time around, I would say the food is quite disappointing.

Since May is pregnant, there are some food that she can’t take anymore, like raw food and oily fish. So that puts the Sake and Toro sashimi out of equation. So what she can only order was those normal food like Chawamushi, Sukiyaki and soft-shell crab. The food is quite forgettable that I don’t even want to take the pictures of it. An example would be their Teriyaki chicken, each order is so miniscule that when the order comes, the size is like a quarter of an average piece of chicken breast. The soup base for the sukiyaki is so salty that you don’t even want to drink it. And the soup is the main ingredient for sukiyaki.

It’s either the economy is getting real bad that the restaurant is trying to cut cost or the food quality has just done from bad to worse, no one knows.


My verdict, if you are looking for much more variety, I would suggest either Shogun or Saisaki (although many critics do mentioned that these 2 restaurant’s food is so-so) but I find it to be quite ok. Besides, one of the main reason I go to a Japanese buffet is there’s unlimited sashimi and unagi, right?

Anyway, here’s a picture of me with my cousins. And to all mother’s, Happy Belated Mother’s Day!


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