Full Moon Dinner & Breakfast @ 3U Restaurant

May 2, 2009

We practically laze around on Labour Day knowing that this is the one last public holiday until the next one which is in August. I still woke up about 7am to catch a NBA match between the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics (mainly because I bet some money on the game, but it’s a great game as it went to triple overtime and yet Boston still lost the game by 2 points!)

We will be attending a full moon dinner tonight so we didn’t plan a lot of things on this day. So after May woke up about 930am, we went to this cafe to have breakfast.


The shop is just a few stretches away near Jin Man and famous for their beef ball noodle and prawn mee.

IMG_0147 The list of noodles that are available in the shop. Apparently the Ho Chak crew had also mark it as one of the best noodle shop in KL, so I guess it sure have got its own standards.

IMG_0149 IMG_0148

(These pictures are taken on our first visit there a week earlier but I group them together since it’s the same shop)

We ordered the normal beef ball soup. The noodle is great with quite a generous portion of beef ball and some minced beef (taste a bit like minced beef I ate before from Taiwan). The soup base is a bit on the salty side but fill with aromatic of the spices used. Price wise, it is consider ok as generally beef noodle soup is more pricier compare to the normal fish ball soup.

As mentioned I have combined the pictures together, we ordered different things on our 2nd visit.


The second time around, we ordered Fuk Chou Ball noodle, Curry Laksa and a bowl of beef ball.

May have to settle for the Fuk Chou ball because we initially wanted to eat at Jin Man but the restaurant is too pack with people. I am surprise that the other noodles taste just as nice. The Fuk Chou ball noodle comes with prawny soup base, something like the Ipoh Hor Fun soup. The curry laksa on the other hand is quite alright, the base taste just nice, not to much lemak in it.

We head home after breakfast and laze around until it’s time for me to meet the guys to do some planning on Lau’s Wedding.

We had our dinner at the full moon party. And the baby is so cute and we are wondering when will we have one. Anyway hereby introducing, Gabriel Goh.


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