Wedding II + Reminiscing Newcastle

April 19, 2009

On my earlier post, I did mentioned that this year will be the year of weddings. So on Saturday it’s our wedding dinner number 2. And we got to know this friend back in our university days in Northumbria.

The wedding dinner is at Bangsar Seafood Village Garden, located beside Bangsar Village shopping centre. We reached the restaurant on time which is 7pm. We are one of the early birds there (as usual) and met Yew Foo at the reception area. Our table is number 50. And there are 51 tables there. So you know lar where we were seated from the stage.

IMG_0099 The dinner started about 830pm with the couple marching in and we are requested to stand up to welcome the new couple. Being a Christian wedding dinner (my first time attending one too), the dinner started with prayers from a Reverend. Something new to both of us.

We were seated in a table with most of us spending some time of our lives in Newcastle, home of Northumbria University. So during dinner, we were busy chatting about our jobs and life after Newcastle. Things have changed a lot since we left Newcastle in 2002 (I have recently dug out some pictures during my Newcastle days, will share it here soon), one of our senior was back there recently and he was sharing with us things have changed there. Makes me think that it would be a good time to go back there to visit since AirAsia flies to London now.

The serving of the food is quite slow as there are other proceedings like speeches and video presentation. The video is quite interesting as it shows how the couple met, how he proposed all in a cute cartoony video.

IMG_0098 The brother of the groom is funny too as he was sharing his experience with his brother like he ask the groom to hold the bride’s right hand with his left hand, and put his right hand on top of the bride’s hand and mentioned, “So Enoch, cherish this moment, as this is the last time you will have an upper hand!”. There are also other advises from older married couples shared when talking to your wife like “Yes, dear”, “I’ll do the dishes” and “I will make the bed”, but of all that do not go far from “Yes, dear”.

After the speeches and toast, there’s also the throwing of the bouquet as well by the bride follow by a song from the groom. All is done pretty well.

IMG_0097We had an enjoyable time there because we get to catch up reminiscing our uni days and enjoyed such a lovely wedding. The only downside is we were greeted by lots of bird droppings when we went to take our car, haha! Anyways, to Enoch and Michelle, Congratulations again!

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