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Operation Fit Fit

April 18, 2009

Yesterday was the 2nd day that both of us went to our nearby park to jog. There are a lot of things that you find in the park. For instance, you will see people wearing clothes that you see in the mall running around the park. Also there are some uncles that will wear those men under-shirt running around, all sweaty and transparent. So you see, there’s lot of funny things one can observe by going to a local park.

So let me share my progress so far…

IMG_1158Oklar, this actually tells me that I am making progress. So I’ve decided from next week onwards, I will start a low calorie diet. By eating theseIMG_1165As there are some promo in the Weld, I got some of the Kellogg’s Special K Bar that have only 90 calories per bar. Good for keeping track of my calorie intake. I also just bought the Protein Shake from GNC as a meal replacement. Hopefully all is good.

Will only start the new regime next week. So for this morning, we still get nasi lemak and mihun for breakfast.


We called this Nasi Lemak Alam Damai reason being the stall is within my area. The sambal is sweet and tasty. What I like most from this stall is their Fried Chicken which taste very good. They also have other dishes like sotong, Ayam Masak Merah, Ayam Redang, etc. My serving will normally without the ikan bilis and kacang as I can’t eat them, but without all that it’s still good.

May will usually choose their fried bihun. The white bihun, as ordinary as it looked in the picture, is quite tasteful too. But then again, I am not a big fan of fried bihun.

Later tonight will be attending a friend’s wedding. A friend we got to know back in college. We didn’t attend the church ceremony in the morning but will be attending the dinner at Bangsar tonight, further updates on the wedding in a separate post.


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