Of Saying Adieus and Sayonaras

April 10, 2009

If you said that the economy is bad, there won’t be so many people leaving an organisation right? So if people are still leaving, I guess it’s not that bad after all.

Just for the past week, 3 people left my company. One because of separation while 2 others are voluntary separation. Gives me a glimmer of hope in finding a new job. While doing that, continue with what I’m doing and writing this blog lar I guess.

IMG_0984 IMG_0963

Some of our my colleagues and me during Lily’s farewell. Not to mention the karaoke session the week before. There goes one of my lunch mates.

And just today, we had another farewell lunch in Kamimura The Weld.

IMG_1079IMG_1081  IMG_1080

The food we ordered there. Mine is Katsu Kare Rice. Chin2 ordered the typical Japanese set, yeap you got it, Teriyaki Chicken Set while Kellie ordered some toufoo plus beef plus egg set. Didn’t managed to snap Sher Lin’s food coz was already busy eating.


Everyone is busy looking for their seat coz everyone got their set mixed up like the Mixed Katsu set. Plus our food is cold when we reached there coz they have serve the food like 10 minutes prior our arrival.


A picture of my lunch mates minus Sher Lin. Overall the farewell lunch is ok, as in the farewell part (not the lunch part). I think it’s because of the food. Being Good Friday today, everyone is a bit relaxed coz most of the market is a having Public Holiday.

So I guess saying adieu is just a norm thing nowadays. Who will actually stay in a company for life right? Unless it’s your own company. Hmm…

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