Nothing to do on a lazy Sunday

April 6, 2009

As the title suggest, I woke up at 8am to wash both our Myvis. Ok, too bad we can’t wake up as early as the previous Sunday but it’s a good start. We finished washing our car by 930am before washing our dog. Well, Sunday is normally Joe’s bath day, so today is no difference.

We finished everything about half past 10 before deciding to head out to Midvalley for to walk around. Jasmin followed along. Since she have not had her breakfast, we head over to this place to have brunch

IMG_1040 That is after we saw a Ferrari parked near the entrance from Gardens so we snapped some pictures with the Ferrari. IMG_1038


Some kid blocking in front when we are taking the picture. The driver of this car must be a Ferrari fan, too bad both Massa and Raikkonen is out in the rain-washed Malaysian GP. So after some not so satisfying picture, we head to Chillies for lunch.

IMG_1045 IMG_1044

May posing with her Milo while Jasmin posing with her Choc-A-Lot Kiddy Shake.

IMG_1050IMG_1046 IMG_1047IMG_1049

As usual, both of us ordered our favourite Triple Play while Jasmin ordered Mac & Cheese. As we have taken our breakfast not too long ago, we think just the starter would be enough. Well, it is enough for the 2 of us, at least we didn’t over-ordered like we always did.

So right after lunch we head back over to the Gardens to walk around looking for Mark & Spencer boxer shorts but can’t find any. So I guess will need to get it in London. While we are walking around, we found out that the Oasis Cafe had open again. So now we know where to find our favourite Portuguese Grilled Fish and Pan Mee again.

Was checking out some Blu-Ray Disc but find it too expensive. How can one afford a movie retailing at RM149??? I can get it via Amazon at half that price, the only setback is the waiting time.

So after much walking we head for a little snack at Shih Lin again. A better picture of the food there.

IMG_1052 IMG_1051I met an old friend at the shop but I didn’t went to say hi. Felt lazy because I invited him for my wedding but I was told at the last minute that he can’t attend the dinner, sucky right? Not to mention that when he got married, we are the brothers that contribute to the cars mainly because he don’t have a lot of cars that day. Anyways, let bygones be bygones.

We reached home about 3pm with more time to spare. So do you like waking up early on Sunday? I sure do…

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