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April 29, 2009

As mentioned in previous post, after freshen up, we head over to Portuguese Settlement for dinner. This is actually my 4th time visiting the area and there have been changes where the shops move from one side to another and now there are new building that house all the restaurants.

We make a stop at this restaurant, recommended by one of our colleague.

IMG_1280 The Straits Settlement Restaurant, tucked behind the new shops that house the other restaurants. Portuguese are famous for their baked fish and this shop is no different where it shown here that their specialty is “Baked Fish”.

We ordered close to about 8 dishes and I can tell you that this is one of the best dinner I ever had in Portuguese Settlement.

IMG_1293 IMG_1294

The Devil Chicken and Sambal Lady’s Fingers


Lala with Chilli and Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable


Famous Portuguese “Baked Fish” and Butter Prawn

And last but not least, the crabs.


Garlic Crab and Dry Portuguese Curry Crab

All of the food tasted good and way better than those that I have tried before. The Baked Fish is spicy but very tasty. So can be said to both of the crab dishes. Although I can eat any crab (due to my gout), but I did managed to taste the gravy and I can tell you it’s marvellous, especially the dry Portuguese curry crab because it’s so aromatic. I am sure it will taste good with the succulent meat of the crab.

The bill comes to about RM320 for the 11 of us, which I think is quite reasonable given that we ordered 8 dishes, consisting of 6 crabs.

After dinner we head to night market in Jonker Walk. This is my first time going to the night market (previous time it’s either we are too tired/too drunk to go there).

IMG_1306Then again, a lot has changed since the last time around the Malacca River. There are passenger boats around where you can take a trip down the river. The night scene is pretty cool and it feels like you are in some European cities.

After walking for and hour, we returned to our hotel and play some games till about 4am.

The next morning, we left about 10am and head back to Jonker Walk for some the famous Chicken Rice Ball. There are quite a number of chicken rice shop in Jonker Walk, the famous one being Chung Kee (one of the oldest, where you have to queue to get a place to eat but I found the workers there a bit arrogant) and others like the one we went called Hoe Kee. Slightly more spacious and taste just as good.


We ordered for 5 person and it is just nice for breakfast. And right after that we head back to KL. It’s been a good trip with lots of good food although I could use some sleeping time but I guess that’s what you get when you go with a bunch of colleagues who wants to enjoy being together. I am still craving for the food in Portuguese settlement, time to plan for another makan-makan trip to Malacca.

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