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Back from Malacca with only 3 hours of Zzz

April 27, 2009

I am back at home after working half day in the office today. Been down with some infection and since the doctor is on half day today, I took half day leave as well and reached home by 1130am. So will be posting up my Malacca trip now.

Basically it’s quite a fruitful trip since we got to eat what we want to eat and walk where we want to walk. So on Saturday morning, me and May head to KL for breakfast before meeting up with my colleagues at the Weld. And remember that I will be blogging more on Nasi Lemak, well here’s one.

IMG_1235 IMG_1233

Been eating this Nasi Lemak for quite sometime every Friday morning before I go into the office. The store is actually located in Jalan Imbi, in front of a shop beside the place to makan-makan in Imbi at night. The shop is also famous for it’s Pork Ball Mee.

Back to the Nasi Lemak, it’s special in it’s very own way as the gravy is spicy and a bit on the sweeter side. I don’t normally take anything apart from the chicken feet but for picture sake as well, I took the Ayam Kari. Meanwhile May ordered the Pork Ball Mee as she is still having minor tummy ache. The mee is full with cooked minced pork, a generous portion of pork ball as well as own made pork sausage. Still tasted good since the last time I tried.

I reached the Weld about 10am but have to wait till 11 before all of them returned back from breakfast. Once everyone is ready, we hit the road and reached Malacca about 1pm.

One word I can actually describe Malacca, HOT! Even hotter than KL. Luckily I only got tanned and not sunburn.

The first thing we did when we reached the town area is to head to Melaka Raya for lunch in a Baba Nyonya restaurant called Bibik Neo.


I would say that the food there is not the nicest that I have taste, because normally when we head to Malacca, we go to another place called Ole Nyonya.


Fried egg with Cencaluk (Pickled shrimp) & Otak-Otak


Sambal Brinjal & Belacan Kangkung


Assam Fish & Fried Kalamari


Devil’s Chicken & Sambal Petai with Prawn

As appealing as the pictures might seemed, the taste is not that great being recommended to us by a fellow colleague. But then again, most of the Nyonya food taste almost similar. The only 1 dish that I would recommend is the Sambal Petai. Enough said.

After lunch, some of my colleagues still want to test out the famous Durian Cendol, so we head over to Jonker Walk to satisfy their desire.

We head to this shop tucked in the middle of Jonker Walk called Jonker Dessert. A place that we went during my outings with my friends few years back.IMG_1266This shop sells not only Cendol but also Laksa/Assam Laksa as well. However since we just had our lunch, we didn’t try those. So we ended up ordering these


From L-R, Mango Cendol, Normal Baba Cendol & Durian Cendol.

Much has changed around the shop (they are features in Ho Chak!) and the place is much more redecorated but the cendol still taste good with thick coconut milk plus your choice of topping like mango or durian. We left Jonker Walk about 4pm to check in our hotel and guess what we saw.


The Eye on Malaysia, or I think now it’s called the Eye on Malacca? Not sure, but sure have a cool view overlooking the Straits of Malacca. We freshen up ourselves before heading to the next destination in my next post…

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