Gucci, LV and Earth Hour

March 28, 2009

May is still downed with stomach ache so we ended up staying at home until past midday. What I did was just playing Resident Evil 5 with my cousin over Xbox Live before heading out to SS2.

Why I head out to SS2? The thing is, my car front speakers have been acting up a lot recently. Every time when I start my car, one side of the speaker will have no sound. It’s not only until I max the volume a little before there’s sound coming out again. The same thing happened each time I go through those bumps. So I decided to head to this car audio shop called ACP in SS2 to get the wiring fix.

We reached the shop about 230pm and I got a quote of RM180 to fix it. This time with better wiring. And I had to leave the car there for about an hour. So while waiting both of us decided to head over to this shop for lunch.

IMG_0965Restaurant One Noodle

May had mentioned about this shop quite sometime ago. And since the shop also sell Shanghai ‘Siu Long Bao’, we decided to try it out while waiting the car to be fix.

 IMG_0967 IMG_0968 IMG_0971

I ordered Stuffed Dumpling Shanghai Lai Mee while May ordered Shrimp Wanton Lai Mee. Not to mention the Shanghai Siu Long Bao.

The dumpling and the ‘siu long bao’ is really good, with fresh shrimp and meat stuffing. No wonder Vivian Tok from MyFM is also having her lunch there. If you don’t trust me, trust the picture


Both of us enjoyed the lunch so much that we can’t stop taking pictures of ourselves.

IMG_0975 IMG_0973

Not to mention that the shop also offer Dim Sum with 50% off during certain hours after lunch, definitely worth it!

Right after lunch we head back to the shop to get my car, and boy with the new wiring, the sound is so much better!

We head back to Kepong to pick up May’s parents before heading to Pavilion. The reason we are there is because I need to get my Lab Series stuffs.

And who said the economy is no good. I still see people shopping like nobody business and there are a lot of them carrying Gucci and LV shopping bags too. And I spent my Earth Hour watching the lights being turn off in Pavilion before driving May’s parents back to Kepong.

We did managed to catch a glimpse of KL Tower and KLCC lighting up again. Overall I think Malaysians did play a part of this but not entirely. I guess some people are just ignorant. So how do you spent your Earth Hour?

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