Fish Ball Soup on Monday & Saturday

March 14, 2009

Have wanted to blog about this earlier but as always, there’s just too much to do in the office that you would just like to sit back and relax. And normally by the time I want to start blogging, I can feel my eyes closing. Not because blogging in uninteresting, it’s just that I’m dead tired.

Back on Monday, we went back to May’s parents before heading for Yam’s open house. As it was raining heavily we decided to head to this shop in Kepong for lunch. The name of the shop is called Restoran Yok Sun. I am no fish ball soup fan but this shop is worth recommending.

IMG_0884The shop was previously located in one of the Lorong Haji Taib in Chow Kit and have moved to Kepong sometime last year. If you can see clearly, it’s mentioned there that it’s established since 1936. Wow, that’s like 73 years of fish ball selling experience.

IMG_0880IMG_0881IMG_0883 IMG_0882

The specialty of this shop is the fish ball is made from “Sai Dou” Fish. Not sure what it’s called in English. The fish ball is bouncy when you are chewing it and that makes it different from the typical fish ball. Not to mention a generous portion of pork fat to goes with the mee/mihun.

And on that Saturday, we head for breakfast to another fish ball soup restaurant in Connaught that I never realised until Lin and Lai mentioned it the night before. It’s called Jin Man Restaurant, tucked inside Tayton near the previously FIT college.

IMG_0893As we are walking towards the shop, we could see that there’s a lot of customer already eating there. Apparently the shop opens at 530am everyday. That’s early to get a bowl of fish ball soup.

Compare to the first shop, the fish ball is so-so. What I meant by that is it’s just your typical fish ball. However, I guess their specialty is their fish maw or “Yue Piu” and their fried fish cake. The soup is much more clearer but surprisingly tasted just as good. The only disappointing thing is there’s no lard on their serving.


So if you are interested in fish ball soup, wait no further and head to this 2 location.

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    Do you mean lard and fish maw?

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