Valentine’s Day, Happy

February 14, 2009

Was supposed to post this on the actual day but was too tied up on the actual day so have to post it today. So how you spent your Valentine? I know some friends of mine went shopping on that day itself, while some actually joined the crowd in some fancy restaurant. Some might actually celebrated it at Thean Hou temple as well. No matter how you celebrated that day, Happy Valentine’s Day!

We woke up quite early as we already planned to go cycling. So at 730am, we were already up and heading out near our residence area to cycle a few rounds before making our way out to the nasi lemak stall to get our breakfast.

When all is done, it’s almost 9am. So we decided to dili-deli abit before heading to Puchong for lunch. IMG_0719It’s been a long time since we go to Puchong and we are quite surprised that a lot of things have changed since the last time we step our foot there. This Puchong Yong Tau Fu is one of them.

I got to know of this place during my Yokogawa days. To me it still serve one of the best Yong Tau Fu in town, I would say even better compare to some of the other outlets in Ampang and Jln Ipoh.

The different thing with this shop compare to others is you get to pick whatever things that you want, and after that only they will stuff the things that you picked for cooking. And the result…


IMG_0722And it doesn’t cost too much too. We ordered 15 pieces of Yong Tau Fu and a piece of “Paper Wrapped Chicken”, and all that adds up to RM20.50. The only downside is the restaurant is tucked quite inside of Puchong and those who never been to Puchong before might have a difficult time locating the shop.

Back to Valentine’s Day celebration. I have ordered a bouquet of rose from on Wednesday, hoping to surprise May. And being the first 50 customer who pay online, I got the flowers to be delivered to any location in KL. Where would you get such a good bargain in KL on V-day? Everything was going smoothly, until the delivery boy called up when I was driving to Puchong asking for direction. So I have no choice but to pass the phone to May to give instruction, resulting in the bouquet not so much of a surprise anymore.

IMG_0726   IMG_0725IMG_0727 

The roses are quite pretty and well-wrapped. Although May is not a fan of flowers but I always thought that what’s V-Day without a bouquet of roses, right?

When we reached home from Puchong, we are already busy preparing our dishes for dinner. Guess what we are having for dinner,

 IMG_0728  IMG_0729

German Pork Knuckle!!!

By dinner time, everyone is already busy preparing on their dishes (My family members decided to celebrate V-day together, and the requirements are each one are supposed to cook their own Valentine dinner!). And after preparing the table,


So here are some of the results that night,


Cod Fish with Portobello

IMG_0745  Just plain Abalone, and last but not least


Our German Pork Knuckle (which turns out to be a failure) I guess it’s back to the drawing board again.

By the time we finished cooking, everyone is so tired that even TG is laying on the floor like a dead-dog.


Anyways, have a Happy Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  • Reply SiewMin February 23, 2009 at 5:34 am

    I like the picture of your pork knuckle with it’s red branding still on it…. hehehehe

  • Reply Jasmin Tan October 2, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    what an i holding?

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