December 3, 2008

With the wedding dinner just less than 2 weeks away, we have almost finalize our seating arrangements. It’s actually quite texing as in who you want to seat with who. You know, this party might not be ‘ngam’ with the other party, so you have to literally put them miles apart.

I already have trouble eventhough I have only 6 tables, imagine both my grandma and dad who have about 10-15 tables between each of them. Plus the fact that most of them are relatives. I can’t think of what will happened. Hopefully everything will be finalize by this Sunday.

It’s ironic on how some of your guests will respond to your invitation. Some that you will expect them to come, will give you all kind of excuse that they can’t make it. While some of the friends that you think that you are not that close to them but you invite actually make an effort to attend. So for all of them who are able to make it to my wedding…….deepest appreciation for them making the effort to attend. Here’s a roll call to those who make an effort to attend. Thank you guys!

Not to forget all of my closest friends, Lai, Kellie, Lin, Sui Lin, Jason, Wong, Chooi Mey, Yam, Keristi and Lau, and also all my Amex colleagues.

Last but not least, thanks to those who should be coming but due to various reasons kept them from doing so, Pat, Siew Min and Alex.

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