The silli-est morning ever!

October 17, 2008

I am already late for work today coz I was trying to do some last minute fixes to my computer so that I can post back the outcome to the gurus in LYN.

So I quickly go down and grab my car key and rush to wear my shoes. Right after that, I tried clicking on the car remote. The car didn’t unlock. “Not working?, I only changed the battery earlier this year”, I thought to myself. So I quickly insert the key and turned, aiks! It’s not turnable. So I was thinking to myself, it won’t be that because the battery in remote is not working that’s why it’s affecting the key right?

So I go and grab my spare key (which the battery I already took out sometime ago to replace some other car’s remote) and turn, phew luckily it can be opened and I managed to start my car without the alarm activating or having me to de-activate it.

So I drove the car back to office. Once reached my office car park, I tried to open the car again using the first keys, and guess what I found out? The key is actually my bro’s gf’s Myvi! Bodoh-nya saya!

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