60 Days Countdown

October 14, 2008

There’s approximately less than 60 days to the actual day. I know that I have been ranting a lot yesterday but things seemed better today.

With a clearer mind, things I guess will begin to fall into places as the day approaches. Some of the little little things that need to be done include getting another white shirt tailor-made, finalizing the invitation card, name list and song lists.

Speaking about invites, I always have this weird and ‘pai seh’ feeling when it comes to asking some long lost friends and not so close friends for the dinner. Reason being that some of them will said, “Got red bomb only you find us lah?” But throughout the weekend, I have given it a serious thought and I think why not inviting them. It’s been so long since we last see each other and it’s a great time to catch up. And with some of my friends working here and there, I take this opportunity so that it could be at least like a VI gathering.

Time to find my old phone book and get on with finding their phone numbers.

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