Strawberries & Tea Leaves

August 5, 2008

Been a busy weekend, and I anticipate that the following few weekends will be tie down as well. As the title mentioned, me and my future in-laws went up to Cameron Highland last weekend. It was a good trip, cold, sunny, strawberries and tea.

Point to note: If you ever going to Cameron Highland, don’t take the Simpang Pulai way. Although the road is much wider, but it’s also 100km further. So if you are up for it, try the Tapah way, at least you get to feel how it is like to be ‘Tang Yun Tok Hoi’ in Initial D.

It’s the perfect getaway since the haze is back in KL, and at least when you are at a higher ground, the air are supposed to be cleaner. (Except the part where you are following a truck and sucking up exhaust smell!)

To tell you the truth, this has only been the 2nd time me visiting Cameron. The 1st time just over a year ago. And of course, what else is there to do apart from Strawberries, Tea Leaves and also Steamboat.

That is not the only reason we went to Cameron. We are supposed to be scouting around for nice places to take our candid wedding pictures, but sadly don’t think there’s any place nice around. Well it is not entirely not nice, just that the thought of driving up there again for 3 hours in less than a months time put both of us off the idea of having pictures in Cameron. So I guess, it will be somewhere nearer in KL. Will see how it goes….

Of course, just plain writing is boring right? So let me share some pictures, taken with my G9. Still learning the functions, so don’t comment too much ok?

Strawberry Macro Shot
Tea Leaves Shot

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