Short getaway, Sg Gabai Waterfalls

July 8, 2007

My ‘shu tao’ wants to have an outdoor BBQ this month! Outdoor BBQ, it’s a great idea right? Spare ribs, chicken wings, frankfurters, and ice-cold beers….on a perfect summer afternoon. But wait, KL only have the hot and wet season right? And who in the name of a sane Malaysian will grill chicken wings in a hot and hazy midsummers day?

Sometimes, somethings are just tad weird. BBQ and hot afternoon in KL is definitely not a good combination. But if we really did make it happened, it would definitely be one of a kind.

To cut long story short, Sg Gabai waterfalls is one of the location I’ve identified that maybe, just maybe we can have our BBQ outing. So me and May head out to survey the area yesterday to see if it’s really suitable.

Sg Gabai Waterfalls is about 30kms from Cheras near the Hulu Langat town. The small trunk roads to the waterfall reminds me of the roads in Siem Reap, where there are lots of stall selling durian, mangosteen, rambutan, coconut and petrol in mineral water bottles!After 30 minutes drive, we finally reached this sign asking us to turn right for the waterfalls.

Right after turning in to yet another smaller trunk road, we notice this….even smaller roads with the family staying inside that road. I wonder why this practice is not use in my residential area. Ah….finally we reached the final turning to the waterfall, 2 kms away it says, along the way there are some goats as well. I believe it’s where goat’s milk came from!

We were greeted with some bad karaoke singing from a guy singing some really bad Malay song. No wonder the durians there was falling off the tree…must be his bad singing. But the waterfalls is not that bad, just too crowded I would say. And both of us were looking up and down to see if there’s any suitable spot for roasting the famous “Weng Sum” chicken wings, but unfortunately there ain’t no place to do that.We climb to higher grounds to see if there’s any…….but nope. There’s none!
But this site is marvellous if you want to spend a Saturday afternoon being with your partners as the waterfall is cooling and offers great tranquility. According to CF back in their camping days, there is another spot higher which is nicer, but it’s just 350 steps to far up so we decided to head home.

My verdict, good spot for picnic. But not for BBQ….I guess it’s back to the drawing board to find more places to do that.

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