Organizing Trips For Friends 101

March 13, 2007

Organising trips can be fun, yet demanding sometimes….so here’s a rough guide on how to organise one.

  1. Finding the right dates; the most demanding task coz it’s difficult to schedule the right time, either one friend is tied up with work, or another one already had plan with other friends. Simple rule, if all your friends are not committed, then no trips can be organise.
  2. Setting times; especially for those who are always late. Let them know the itinerary so that the trip can proceed smoothly.
  3. Setting the seating; depending on what type of transport (public/personal) arrange the car seating as appropriate if you are driving. As for public transport, we can obviously do much except choose which number you want your friends to sit with
  4. Choosing the accomodation is equally important, coz you don’t know when your friends will (esp those couple will have an arguement) So it will always be wise to separate the guys and the girls!
  5. If you have friends who’s very easy-going, that will eat anything, then you should have no problem. But if your friends are very picky on their food, the best is to divide the group so that the ones that are picky eaters can eat what they like, and those ‘cincai’ can blend in with the locals to eat local food!
  6. Booze is a must if you want the trip to be more enjoyable, (at least that’s what my group do) It’s always best to drink at night as drinking in the afternoon will probably spoilt your entire trip with all your friends either too drunk to continue with the journey or, puking here and there while you are walking.

That’s it for now……will add in when I can think of any! Hehe….

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