Torn between 2 sofas

January 7, 2007

I am torned between 2 sofas, you see I was thinking of a makeover of my room when the wedding comes. This L-shape working table that is currently sitting in my room need to make space (btw, if any of you are interested to get a 2nd hand working table, do let me know yeah?) . Anyway, I have an odd shape room, it’s not a square-shaped or rectangle-shaped room, my room layout is like 2 rectagles joining together like this…..

By removing the table, this will free up some space there which the sofas come into picture. There’s this sofa set that I spotted in IKEA, it’s so comfy! It’s not the first time I found a comfortable sofa in IKEA, there was another one previously but I guess it’s not in production anymore, so I make a note to myself that if I find another sofa as comfy as that, I will not miss out the chance again if another design show up.

The model name : BORGHOLM , it comes with 2 types of covers, either microfibre or leather.
The price, RM1,965 (microfibre) RM2,355 (leather) The microfibre cover is the one that give you the most comfortable feeling when sitting on it (pardon me because my house lacks proper seating area) However the downside is, it will be difficult to clean as the covers are fixed! Which where the 2nd seats comes in,

The model name : POANG, this is the chair that you can see where it is constantly under stress test in the showroom. The price, ranging from RM299-679 depending on the materials you choose.

The dilemma, I haven’t really plan for the future, cause the BORGHOLM is not easy to clean and if I have a kid next time, I might need to dispose this sofa set to make room for a baby cot. This is where the POANG comes in, as it’s easily movable and if we need to free up some space, we can always move this chair down to the living room.

Both is equally comfortable, but with the sofa, it will make the room much homier! If you were me, what would you choose?

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  • Reply patrick January 7, 2007 at 2:57 pm

    BORGHOLM. my choice

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