January 23, 2007

It was a dark Monday, I have encountered 3 accidents in the space of 24 hours, not me personally, but I happened to pass by 3 yesterday.

The 1st
When I was on the way to work at 415am using Jalan Loke Yew, there were many cars lining up along the bridge near UE3 mall. And on my lane, there were a couple of traffic police keep looking towards the river, I was wondering if there’s a car that plunges down the bridge???

The 2nd
When I was on my way back from work about 3pm , along my housing area, again there was a car crashed onto the divider in the middle of the road, traffic police was there too to clear up the accident.

The 3rd
It is too coincidental to witness 2 accident in a day, but the 3rd one was even worse! While I was talking to May on the phone, suddenly she was pressing the horn….the next thing she said, I had an accident! I rushed to the scene in those ‘kampong’ in Segambut Dalam and guess what happened? A trash truck was stopping on a slope, and somehow the gas of the handbrake finished and started rolling backwards. It hit a BMW and the BMW hit her car at the front.

Although I am not the one who had the accident, I am still abit shocked!

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